What we are here to accomplish

We have seen too many people of color poorly treated by law enforcement. They are also victims of individuals who use the police to falsely report crimes which leads them to be inappropriately subjected to the harsh environment of law enforcement and their actions. What I mean by enough is enough is that instead of fearing the police, who clearly view people of color as more of a threat, we help people of color become the police. We want to create a path for them to do so. We will take in depth measures to help put individuals of color through the proper schooling and training to become hero’s in their own community. We will look for good hearted souls with sound minds who will carry out our mission to help the community from within. We want individuals who WANT to become police officers, not just individuals who want an easy path. We will interview them, get to know them, where they come from and determine if they exemplify the sound character that we are looking for. After our selection, we will help enroll the student at Gateway Technical college to pursue an Associates degree in Criminal Justice. We will continue to cover the cost of tuition and books as long as the recipient is in good academic standing and on the correct path to receiving their degree. This degree consists of 2 years full time enrollment with an estimated cost of $10,500. That will be our commitment to you, we only ask for your heart and effort to be all in with us. We are hopeful to eventually help more than one student per year, depending on the support we receive.

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