About Us

This nonprofit was created in honor of my grandparents, Juan and Elodia, who are now with us only in spirit. They lived near the intersection of 20th and Kentucky St. here in Racine, which is the story behind our name. Their home was a central safe place for my family and many others. They were always willing to listen and offer an opinion, lend a helping hand, lend financial support, provide a warm meal and even a place to rest. They were instrumental in my upbringing and development as an individual, as well the same to many of my other family members. They taught us compassion, empathy, work ethic, ingenuity, love, and kindness. We aim to provide the same to other minorities in this city. We don’t just want to ensure our recipients become police officers, we want them to be emulated, we hope they are individuals that others can aspire to become. Being the son of an Army vet and retired city of Racine police officer, we were shown right from wrong and how to help those in need. That is the purpose of our efforts. I have many times considered becoming a police officer in this city but for now we’ll help others achieve that. So, enough about us. Let’s help you!